Hi! My name is Mia Jones, I am 24 years old and I work for various game companies! I would like you to welcome to clashhack.net!

Clash hack is a website created in 2014 to educate people about lifehacks and cheats in video games. Video games were always interesting for me, I bought my first video game when I was 10, back in December 2003. The game was Halo 1 for the Xbox Original, I really liked the console because it was really good graphics back then.

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Halo 1 for the Xbox Original, my first game ever.

In 2004 I bought various more games for the console, like SSX 3 and Burnout 3. In high school, I was really interested in game development and modifying, when I graduated I starting studying game development and I was starting to become really good in it. I studied game development back in 2012, after that study I became a worker in a marketing company. In 2013 I had various blogs about video games but one day I thought: “why shouldn’t I create a blog about game hacks?” so I did, in 2014 I created this blog and now I’m really proud to say that the blog is more than 3 years old!

My study game development back in 2013

Video games were always an interesting subject for me, now I am a professional game coder. ¬†Clash hack is a blog where you can find the latest news about popular ios and android games. Clash royale is also a really popular game nowadays. I also play games as CSGO and Clash of clans. I always had an android device but since 2015 I always used an iPhone, because it’s more secure and I like the design a lot more. The subject video games are starting to become more interesting for me every day, that’s also the reason why I started this blog, I hope you like it and enjoy the latest game news and lifehacks about video games for ios and android!